Karyne Messina

QuotationGlassblowing is a dance between two people; a tango of sorts wherein pieces evolve as the artist and assistant work with each unique gather. New possibilities for forms arise as the dancers respect and control the properties of hot glass.Quotation —Karyne

Sea Life, 2010-2013

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Fish Schooner at Midnight Bimini Blues Crocodylus Acutus Penguin Paradiso Split by the Sea Sea Tango Sea Tango City of St. Pete Courting Seahorses Dolphins Breaching Reef's Edge Pelagic Play

Dancing People, 2010-2013

Dancer 1 Dancer 2 Dancer 3 Dancer 4 Liv Karen Calli Bel Kiki Crystal's Dance

Tides, 2009-2010

Ribbons of Water Mother and Child Hawk's Cay Hawkins Cay, too

Sea Vessels, 2009-2010

Red Pacu Red Arcana Red Tang Red Ruby Barb Red Tide Emerald Bay Malawi Red Moonlight Frost Coral Ice

Fan-Ta-Sea, 2009

Red Stripe Rainbow Red Zebra Blue Hamlet Dark Coral

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